.NET 7.0 - Preview 7.0 - Final Preview Release

In this blog, we are going to see how .NET 7.0 Preview can be installed and reviewed. I will be following Preview 7 which is the last preview version released on August 9, 2022.

Please refer to the Microsoft documentation for the .NET 7.0 Preview releases.

Microsoft has announced the date (November 8-10) for .NET Conf 2022 where the .Net 7.0 will be officially released.


VS 2022 Preview version 17.4 which is the latest preview.

 I am using VS 2022 Community Edition Preview V 17.4.

Let us go ahead and install the .NET 7.0 Preview 7

Step 1

Download .NET 7.0 SDK Preview 7 from the website

Select the appropriate installer type- here I have chosen Windows – X64.

Step 2

Install the exec - dotnet-sdk-7.0.100-preview.7.22377.5-win-x64

Once the installation is complete, let's go ahead and open the Visual Studio and see whether we can see the .NET 7.0 in Framework Drop-down.

Create a console Application

Select Console App and click on “Next”

Configure the Project

Provide “Project Name” and select the location where you want to save the Console Application and click on “Next”

Select the Framework

On the Additional information Tab, there is drop-down “Framework”, check whether you can see the “.NET 7.0 (Preview)”, if yes, Select and click on “Create”.

Please look at GitHub for the ASPNET Core roadmap for .NET 7.0.

I would request you to go through the Microsoft blog which will provide more details on Preview 7.0.

In my upcoming article, we will be discussing some of the existing features in C# 11.

Thank you for reading my article and please leave your comments in the comment box below.