Dynamics 365 - Enhanced Duplicate Detection Rules

For any system implemented across the enterprise – data plays a major role – duplicate data always impact both the system and the brand of the organization.

Let’s take it from this perspective – that you have applied for an internet connection with the organization and so every sales person starts calling you – creating a new record of yours in the application, asking you with all the required details again and again, and at last you simply don’t buy the services since you feel you have been harassed by so many calls and thus organization end up losing potential business.

Now from the perspective organization, the teams have not been working efficiently reason the system shows 10 leads as a prospective customer but in the background, everyone has been chasing the same client and offering the same thing.

To overcome this sort of challenge Microsoft came up with an approach that helps sales executives over leads and contacts to identify matching records based upon configuration like lead with matching phone number.

Now when a sales executive tries to create a record and enters a matching phone number system shows a pop-up sharing that record with information already exists and now it's up to the sales executive to either follow creating a new record or use the same.

And if the executive decides to use the same record – he will be able to get all the information like when was the last interaction with the prospected client including all the information.

Admin Configurations

  • Admin need to login into make.powerapps.com portal
  • Admin needs to navigate to solution
  • Admin needs to create new Duplicate Detection rule
  • Based upon the requirement admin need to configure the filter criteria

Dynamics 365 - Enhanced Duplicate Detection Rules - Wave 2

Dynamics 365 - Enhanced Duplicate Detection Rules - Wave 2