Dynamics 365 Rich Text Editor - Wave 2

Rich text editor plays an important role in any application as it gives the user various capabilities, including

  • Selecting different types of fonts
  • Changing the font style, bold, italics, etc. 

And at the same time, it helps us switch to paste images from different sources, which could be very much helpful in getting the content or the information conveyed to other users in the application.

Dynamics 365 - Rich Text Editor - Timeline - Wave 2

Considering the importance of rich text editor in any of the applications, Microsoft has recently announced or released the release of the enhanced version of Rich Text Editor which would be supporting multiple things in there which includes copy and pasting of the images, copy and pasting of the phones from a different application. 

Users can at the same time set some default font based on their requirements. 

A few of the features which are supported in the rich text editor of Timeline in Dynamic CRM include. Embedding any supported file. 

Previewing the supported file from different systems. 

Selecting a font from a large range of font styles that are available in the application.

Users can use hash and at the rate in your rich text editor in dynamic CRMto tag some other user record or some specific person out in there.

Sample content create in MS Word

Dynamics 365 - Rich Text Editor - Timeline - Wave 2

Copied the same and pasted in rich text editor in timeline over Notes,

Dynamics 365 - Rich Text Editor - Timeline - Wave 2

Saved the same – And formatting is all preserved as expected in application.