Dynamics CRM Enchanced Sequences Experience - Wave 2

Dynamics 365 Sales CRM plays an important role in reaching out to new prospected customers and leads generated through multiple channels including Emails, Phone Calls, Marketing Campaigns and participation in events

Way of interaction and most important the order in which sales executives processes the different steps with these prospected leads and clients plays an important role in gaining the business.

And here this amazing feature of Dynamics plays the most important role, assisting individuals to design and plan their interaction journey with leads based upon the responses.

This feature auto suggests the next steps to be followed in the application while interacting with prospective clients. Let's say once a lead has been created – the sales executive needs to send out an email – then after two days a phone call and then after a week a follow-up call. If all goes well then an appointment.

Sequences help an administrator of the organization to design and implement this interactive journey for sales executives and users of the applications.

Admin Settings

  • Through the side panel of the application admin can edit the sequences
  • There can be multiple stages which can be configured in sequences

For each activity to be performed – admin can configure a body and then a suggestion which can assist the executive to give more information about the next action to be undertaken.

Dynamics 365 – Enhanced Sequence Experience – Wave 2

Admin Settings for individual items

Dynamics 365 – Enhanced Sequence Experience – Wave 2

User Experience in Application 

Dynamics 365 – Enhanced Sequence Experience – Wave 2