Dynamics CRM Sales Hub - Validate Email Settings

Dynamics 365 CRM is an Enterprise application that assists organizations to build and manage long-lasting relationships with customers using different channels of communication. And for sure valid and healthy data customer information plays an important role to meet these expectations.

There are different mediums through which organizations interact with each other including Emails: Phone Calls: Mails in which Email is the most effective and fastest way to send and receive information from customers for different aspects including reaching out to new prospects, sharing quotes, and delivering orders.

Now at present, most organizations face a challenge in that the email address is not correct at times, and we can say organizations don’t have time and effort to validate this data at regular intervals of time which for sure impacts multiple areas including Responses over campaigns.

And for this organizations have to invest heavily in terms of resources and manpower to regularly update this information and remove inactive: invalid: temporary and fake emails to enhance and improve the end-to-end interactions with customers.

To overcome this challenge, Microsoft has released a new feature that assists individuals to validate and authenticate email addresses through a single click over the record

Admin Configuration

The administrator has to enable this feature in Dynamics CRM through the Sales Hub settings. This setting is available under the Data Improvement area over the navigation in Model Driven App of Sales hub.

Once the administrator enables this setting, emails of all the active leads in applications are validated and sellers can see a small pop-up sharing the information about the invalid emails across all the associated worklist cards and email-based tasks.

Dynamics CRM - Sales Hub - Validate Email Settings - Wave2 Update

Dynamics CRM - Sales Hub - Validate Email Settings - Wave2 Update