Dynamics 365 - Assisting Sellers To Work Together

In this fast-moving world, nothing can be accomplished by a single team member. Sellers need to work in a team and fulfill the same requirement Microsoft Dynamics CRM has come up with this amazing technology wherein now the team members can collaborate altogether using sequences. 

That is they can divide different activities in a single sequence among multiple team members, let's say I would be responsible for sending out emails. You would be sent responsible for sending out a phone call to the customer, and then there would be another team member who would be responsible for setting up appointments and meetings.

Dividing the activities among different team members will give the customer space to interact to share more about the requirement along with the challenges faced while dealing with the organization.

This has been one of the most awaited features out where-in teams can divide the activities among team members so that all can work together to accomplish a target.

This feature would be available from Feb 23, 2022.

Feature details

  • Using this feature, the sales manager or the operations team can select different team members and assign them a different task in a sequence
  • Using this feature, automatic segmentation can be used to define the rules to create different sequences for different team members.

Advantages to the sellers

  • The seller would be able to see different activities which have been assigned to different team members, which would help them to track the planned things out there.
  • Sellers can assign different activities to different team members based on their skills, their proficiencies, and interaction with the client.
  • Most important is that sellers would be able to know which activity has to be performed by whom and when, and what would be the next upcoming activity that needs to be closed by the organization at the earliest to convert this perspective lead to a real one.

Dynamics 365 – Assisting Sellers to work together – Wave 2