Dynamics 365 - Enhanced Email Templates

Templates play an important role in any application. It offers functionalities that can assist in setting up a standard pattern across an organization.

So let's say you are working within customer relationship management like Dynamics 365 and your team is responsible for interacting with multiple clients at multiple intervals of time. Or we can set multiple stages of the sales process or a marketing process or at times with the customer interaction process out in there. 

Now these templates help to set up a pattern, let's say whenever a customer would be reaching and we would be creating a record in the application. Then a prescribed or a preformatted e-mail would be sent to the prospective customer outing there.

The benefit of setting up these templates in the application 

  • It helps us to set up a standard pattern that needs to be followed by every salesperson across the organization. 
  • It helps to save the time and effort of every salesperson out there. Just think from a perspective that the executive needs to send e-mail to 15 prospective clients out there. And what if they need to type manually for each email? The team would be wasting almost half a day off their Productive day, so setting up a template would help the organization to reduce the efforts.

In Dynamic CRM we use the capabilities of templates at various stages, which include creating a quote in the application and sending out an e-mail to a prospective client or a customer using the templates in the e-mail signature to have a specific signature. Or a specific format of a signature in the application. 

Recently with Wave two, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has enabled a new feature for selecting the templates based on various things. 

Dynamics 365 - Enhanced Email Templates - Wave 2

The new functionality has various options out there, 

  1.  Including searching based on the name of the template 
  2.  It shows a preview of the e-mail which would be selected. Or generated while that record is selected. 
  3.  It helps us to filter the records based upon various parameters, including standard and custom templates. 
  4.  If you wish to see the templates in different formats, let's say a grade or a list, you can select all those options in the new as new features