Enable Preview Version In Visual Studio 2022

As we know that Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2022 17.2.0 Preview 5.0 recently. Here we are going to see how we can switch from current version to preview version.


  1. Download and install .NET 7.0 Preview
  2. Visual Studio 2022

Then, follow the below steps for switching from the current version to preview version.

As I have Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition with Version 17.1.6, Let me go ahead and open the Visual Studio

Open the Visual Studio 2022, then go to Help-> Check for Update

Enable Preview version in Visual Studio 2022

Click on Check for Update, another window will open as below

My current version is 17.1.6,

Now click on “Change update settings”

Select the Preview Channel from the dropdown and click on “OK”

Click on to proceed

You will get the below window

After a few moments, another window will be displayed as below

Go ahead and click on “Update” button

Wait for the download and installation

Since it has more than 1 GB of updates, it will take a while to complete it

Now, let us try to check the version of Visual Studio.

Search visual studio, Post installation, you will see the below pop-up with a message, you would be able to see the preview version as below

Go ahead and open VS 2022 – then Click on Help-> About Microsoft Visual Studio

Enable Preview version in Visual Studio 2022

Once you setup VS 2022 17.2 Preview 5, then you are good to go and explore the new features. In my upcoming articles, we will be looking at the exciting .NET 7.0 and C# 11 features.